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Kraze – The party

The Party, crazy, house… It’s a pun to introduce one of the greatest House music hits overall. Kraze obtained a fantastic success! He has haitian roots, and obtained a deal by a great music house who heard his demo version of “the Party”. And he sold almost a million copies in 1988! Not bad at all! He even had the chance to go in a tour across Europe. Fantastic, if we think that he did just one song!

Great respect. Today Kraze (or Richard Laurent) still makes music but has completely changed the scenario and the type of sounds. He also changed name, and now they call him Earthman. This is not the original video because… there was no original video! But we couldn’t miss this fantastic hit!!!

You all want this party started, right?
You all want this party started, right?
Now quickly!
You all want this party started, right?
#Kraze #TheParty

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