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She could only go up!

Yazz and the Plastic Population – The only way is up

“The only way is up” has been a wish but also a kind of prophecy for Yazz and her career. Just few months earlier Yazz found international fame and success performing the vocals in “Doctorin’ the House“. This was a real milestone of house music. And it really had incredibile success, not only for the music produced by Coldcut (a British electronic music duo), but also for Yazz’s look and performance. In fact, everybody understood already in the first frames that she had an uncommon standing and voice. Yazz really took off for greater success.

She tried again in Summer 1988, and she succeeded again with “The only way is up”. This was actually a cover of a British hit of 1980. Coldcut produced it once again, but this time they did not appear among the names, leaving the scene to Yazz (and the Plastic Population). Of course Coldcut found again the ideal sound mix and arrangements, but once again Yazz’s look and voice left a mark. And Yazz brought this hit on top of the charts in many countries for several weeks.

And even more important, she brought it among the 80s song that, even after 30 years, we cannot forget!

Boy I want to thank you,
Yeah, for loving me this way
Things may be a little hard now
But we'll find a brighter day
#Yazz #TheOnlyWayIsUp

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