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A sad rock story

Aerosmith – Janie’s Got A Gun

Aerosmith released “Pump” in September 1989, and it was definitely one of their best albums. Two years after “Permanent vacation”, the previous album that marked a quality leap for their career, and after the happy rides of “Rag doll“.

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The elevator of rock

Aerosmith – Love In An Elevator

It was mid August 1989 when Aerosmith released “Love in an elevator”, the first hit from their new album “Pump”. We had not been hearing from them since more than one year, the days of “Rag doll“. This hit was really a blast.

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Professional vacationers

Aerosmith – Rag doll

“Rag doll” is a very good summer holidays rock song!

Don’t know whether Steven Tyler was a fan of the riviera, or the spanish coasts, or maybe the Caribbeans. Definitely, releasing on August 18 an album called “Permanent vacation” is a great move!

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Walk this way!

Dear friends dinosaurs, I’m gonna mix two memories today, one of them is wonderful and sad together, for one of the destiny’s jokes. Early September 1986, one of the most successful hits was definitely “Walk this way”, by Run DMC and Aerosmiths. Of course, easy, with such artists, you say,

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