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Michael Jackson – Smooth criminal

“Smooth criminal” is one of the songs that Michael Jackson’s fans love the most. He realeased it at the end of October 1988. The song came out of the album “Bad, like many other songs we have already met: “I just can’t stop loving you“, “Bad“, “The way you make me feel“, “Man in the mirror“, “Dirty Diana“, “Another part of me“.

Yet this hit had an incredible, enormous success. Of course it is a wonderful song with a strong rhythm. It brings us back to the funky and dance sounds of “Thriller”, in some way. But Michael Jackson really went far beyond. The video tells the story of a girl, Annie. In the 30s she finds herself in danger and needs to be rescued because Mr. Big (Joe Pesci) sells drugs to kids. The video is full of effects, but Michael Jackson realized many versions of the song and of the video. Even the epic movie “Moonwalker” contains about ten minutes of this song!

In “Smooth criminal” there was something more. We know that Michael invented the moonwalk years before. In this hit, he shows another fantastic dance figure, the “45-degree lean”. We see it in the video: Michael leans forward.. and leans.. and leans.. and does not fall. At the end he recovers the position and gets back standing normally. Maybe he used thin ropes in the video. In his concerts, he used special shoes that hooked to nails in the floor. Once in Tokyo, he missed the hook and fell forward, but he immediately recovered the position. Anyway, hits, videos and these fantastic figures really made Michael Jackson the King of 80s pop!!! And this video is definitely one of the best overall!

Annie, are you ok
Will you tell us that you're ok
There's a sign at the window
That he struck you - a crescendo, Annie
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