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Simple Minds – Sanctify yourself

“Sanctify yourself” represents, in my opinion, a sort of manifest of what Simple Minds were between 1985 and 1986. Probably not their purest period, but definitely their most successful period in terms of sales. Looking at the tile, maybe Jim Kerr did not really respect the commandments, but I think we can allow him a bit of mystic exaggeration! Jim Kerr gave us his own idea of sanctification with this fantastic song released in January 1986- In those days Simple Minds’ album “Once upon a time” was on top al all charts, together with the hit “Alive and kicking“.

I think this video really represents the best of Simple Minds in that period! A mix of scenes from live concerts, many long colored coats, full visibility (completely deserved) for the great vocalist Robin Clark. She was really the sixth simple mind, and in this video she could show all of her scenic presence and standing. And Jim Kerr with the black hat. Yes, this is the concept of Simple Minds!

Well, I hope and I pray
That maybe someday
You'll come back down here
And show me the way
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