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Eighties’ new girl

Tracy Spencer – Run to me

We talked about Italo disco, we talked about DeeJay Television, Via Verdi, Taffy, Sandy Marton, but we haven’t talked about her yet! She was the symbol of all the joy of living in the 80s: beautiful song, beautiful voice, and she was so beautiful too!

When she showed out with “Run to me” we were all crazy in love with her! Tracy Spencer was new into the music world, but she had acted very quick scenes in a pair of funny Italian movies too.

This song had an incredible success and fame, and brought Tracy to win the Festivalbar (a very popular summer hits contest in italy) in 1986. The fantastic Tracy Spencer really was the new girl of the 80s!!!

You say you're sorry and you think
That maybe we can work it out this time
Although I love you desperately
There's something here that makes me change my mind
#TracySpencer #RunToMe

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