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Coldcut featuring Lisa Stansfield – People hold on

Givin' into life, givin' into love
Maybe there's enough for everyone
Givin' into hope, and into trust
Maybe there's enough for everyone
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People hold on reminds us of Coldcut. Do you remember them? Well, I think… probably. Two British deejay and producers, making songs and album. They leveraged almost unknown singers for their songs. But often these songs became very successful, and the unknown voices became stars. And sometimes they even started solo careers!

In a funny way, at the end of the ’80s they were quite the opposite of Stock Aitken and Waterman! The three great producers composed songs that often were similar to each other, then gave the songs to former great artists starting to decline, and this combination often didn’t help recovering their careers 🙂 Coldcut, on the other hand, made good songs, more dance than pop, with great use of electronics, samples and synthesizers. They gave the songs to unknown artists, the hit blasted, and the artist became famous!

This happened about one year before with Yazz. She became famous for being the voice of Doctorin’ the house. But actually the full credits of the song say “Coldcut featuring Yazz and the Plastic Population”! So, in March 1989, they release another hit, featuring a young girl who was famous (not too much) just in England as the voice of the Blue Zone. Also the Blue Zone were not too famous!

Blue Zone became were famous also for a strange coincidence: in June 1988 they released an album that did not found great success. But few months later, another group released another album with exactly the same title, and found a planetary success. Both albums were titled Big thing. The second group was of course Duran Duran.

Back to this story, Coldcut released the song featuring this unknown singer. And once again this is the lucky strike for the unknown singer! In fact the young girl who was the voice of Blue Zone was nothing less than the great Lisa Stansfield, who will find worldwide success few months later with All around the world and will start her solo career at the end of 1989 and will become the last star of the 80s! And her solo career is still very successful today!

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