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Madonna Cherish

Summer mermen

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Madonna – Cherish

Yes, mermen, not mermaids! Madonna released in early August 1989 her third single from the album “Like a prayer”. After “Like a prayer” in March and “Express yourself

Technotronic Pump up the jam

Destiny in your name

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Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam

When you hear the word Technotronic, even of you don’t know them, you think exactly of this: techno, electronic music and dance. It’s the perfect name, and they knew it. The made a minor mistake,

Shakespears Sister You re history

Scary sisters

Posted in 1989, United Kingdom
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Shakespears Sister – You’re History

Diabolic sisters. Not only in the video, where they spread incredible attire and personality, but also in the story behind them, starting from their very name. In fact the sister was supposed to be just one,

Simply Red A new flame

The flame is alive

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Simply Red – A new flame

We are talking about the flame of Simply Red’s success. We are in July 1989, and they had released their album, with the same title “A new flame”, six months before. Since that day,

Kaoma Lambada

Just one dance

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Kaoma – Lambada

Summer 1989 ran very quickly. I lived a very beautiful summer that year. I was just 20. I had understood that my beloved 80s were about to end, but being that age, I was also confident that I could enjoy the 90s as well!

Richard Marx Angelia

The power of names

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Richard Marx – Angelia

We all know, by now, that every song tells a story, and this is a story about names. First, the name of Richard Marx. Wow! what a family name! I wonder, when you hear it,

Michael Jackson Liberian Girl

Video like a star

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Michael Jackson – Liberian girl

In July 1989 we saw something uncommon in the world of pop and in the 80s. In fact, we saw one album with 9 tracks released as singels and videos! Of course we talk about “Bad”

Cher if I could turn back time

The sake of being talked about

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Cher – If I Could Turn Back Time

Maybe Cher was not really an 80’s icon; she was famous before, in the 70s with her former husband Sonny Bono and their tormented story, and after a decade of oblivion shecame back to celebrity in mid 1989.

Chris Isaak Wicked game

The next door rockstar

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Chris Isaak – Wicked game

“Wicked game” is the typical song that all of us heard at least one time. Or maybe many more times, maybe one thousand times. We heard in on the radio, in the tv ads,