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A date to remember

Duran Duran – Notorious

Grand Notorious slam (bam).
And who really gives a damn for a flaky bandit?
Don't ask me to bleed about it;
I need this blood to survive.
#Notorious #DuranDuran

The Notorious day. Just like today: Nov 18, 1986. I was getting out of my favorite music shop with a new album. Strange feelings, great expectations: I had been waiting for three years, a vague fear that disappointment could be rising. Sure, the name of the group was the right one and we could be sure, but it was clear that something had changed: three guys on the cover, they were five on “Seven and the ragged tiger” (and seven in the title). The colors: form the glam cover of Seven, to this melanchonic black and white. And this will continue in the videos, no more soft colors like in “Rio” or “Hungry like the wolf“, but all is dark, black, white, a lot of grey.

Then the pickup runs the groove, and there’s something different. The first song is fantastic but it’s.. somehow… funky! It takes three seconds to understand, the guitar reef with the classic funky bridge, just like in aaaaaaaa… freak out! That’s it! Duran Duran had just met for the very first time Chic’s Nile Rodgers (this collaboration is going on again today, by the way), and it really felt like that! The album was really funky, also in many other songs like “American Science”, “Skin Trade” was completely full of syncopated riffs… but the songs were wonderful!

Yes, we were missing Andy Taylor’s unbelievable guitar, but there was a new guy, some Cuccurullo, a new artist… and he would later dedicate himself to different forms of art, during his career. My final thought about Notorious: Duran Duran were now adult gentlemen 🙂

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