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30 years as a Diva

Sade – Love is stronger than pride

In early April 1988 “Love is stronger than pride” was the first single taken from Sade’s third album, with a quite similar title (“Stronger than pride”). Three years had passed since her latest album. During this period, Sade’s career and image had never faded, not even for a while. Sade had already reached the status of a style icon, recognized by the whole world. In such circumstances we risk to appear obvious and superficial: in 30 years I never heard of anyone who did not like Sade. Nobody who did not find her songs fantastic and emotional, nobody who did not think she was so charming and fascinating.

Sade has been a real Diva of the 80s and of the following decades: just look at this video taken from a live in 2011. A real Diva, with unreachable appeal and elegance. Sade was not competing with, say, Madonna or Cindy Lauper, or Duran Duran, ar anybody else, there was no better or worse. Sade was, and today still is, just Sade: a brand, a warranty, a name you can always trust. That’s a Diva.

Sitting here waiting for you
Would be like waiting for winter
It's gonna be cold
There may even be snow
#Sade #LoveIsStrongerThanPride

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