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Instagram post 2150214218187349285_4280643959 #TearsForFears<span class= #SowingTheSeedsOfLove #80s #music #retro #vintage #nostalgy #video #pop #30yrsago #80and30 #anniottanta #anni80 #eighties #80smusic #soundofthe80s #ilove80s #popstars #80svideos From the Beatles to the Iron Lady Tears For fears found an incredible success in 1984 and 85, with their milestone album "Songs from the Big Chair", which feature absolute pearls of the 80s, like "Shout" or "Everybody wants to rule the world". After four years in silence (and many many tours) tears For fears show up again in August 1989 with a very strong hit, strong lyrics and strong music. "Sowing the seeds of love" pulls their new album "The seeds of love", to be released in the following month. It's definitely not the typical Summer pop hit, happy and full of "your eyes" and "alone" in the lyrics. Musci is quite complex, with different sections of the songs, many instruments, a sort of medley like thy used to do between the 60s and the 70s. Many say Tears for Fears got inspiration from the Beatles, who did many times like this. For example, I remember "I am the walrus", quite similar to this song. The video is fantastic, and we can see the touch of Jim Blashfield, who had directed also Michael Jackson's "Leave me alone", clearly similar in style. Lyrics are even stronger. Tears for Fears wrote the song two years before, in 1987. In the UK, Mrs. Thatcher was running at the elections for her third run as Prime Minister. She won. I don't deal with politics and cannot judge the work of Mrs. Thatcher. On one side, as a Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990 she prescribed a decade of "tears and blood", in her own words, to the UK. On the other side, her decade helped build a more modern, more competitive UK, and made London the financial capital of Europe. Roland Orzabal came from a working class family, and during that election he wrote this song to wake Englishmen up, amnd help them realize their conditions and what they could really expect, as he says in the first verses of the song. In other words, this is a call not to vote the "poltician granny" again. (more on the website)" width="200" height="200">
Instagram post 2143714583075880208_4280643959 #Aerosmith<span class= #LoveInAnElevator #80s #music #retro #vintage #nostalgy #video #pop #30yrsago #80and30 #anniottanta #anni80 #eighties #80smusic #soundofthe80s #ilove80s #popstars #80svideos The elevator of rock It was mid August 1989 when Aerosmith released "Love in an elevator", the first hit from their new album "Pump". We had not been hearing from them since more than one year, the days of "Rag doll". Thsi hit was really a blast. Not only a fantastic hit with an incredible energy, but also an outstanding video and peculiar lyrics. And this hit became one of the symbols of Aerosmith's entire career. When people ask him about how he created this song, Steven Tyler tells exactly the story that we expect from him... I remembered a story that I once lived, in an elevator of a big mall, with a woman.. Exactly what we expect from a hit by Aerosmith with this title and with the lyrics full of double meanings. Actually another story says that Tyler might have read story of a Russian battleship where someone wrote "We live it up while we are going down" while sinking. But finally just one thing is important: "love in an elevator" is a fantastic song, that since the 80s marked the entire history of rock!" width="200" height="200">
Instagram post 2143710592681955845_4280643959 #Queen<span class= #TheInvisibleMan #FreddieMercury #80s #music #retro #vintage #nostalgy #video #pop #30yrsago #80and30 #anniottanta #anni80 #eighties #80smusic #soundofthe80s #ilove80s #popstars #80svideos The videogame of life I always liked the song "the Invisible Man". Queen's fams love it also because it's the only song that contains the names of hte band members, just like they do in the live performances. It's really a great song, of course with a fantastic video! Lyrics talk about being invisible to the eye but able to see through people and their feelings. Some say that being invisible is related to Freddie Mercury's health conditions. The signs of his disease started to be visible in 1989 (this song was released as asingle in August 1989, two months after "Breakthru" and three after "I want it all"). Actually the song was composed by Roger Taylor some time before, so it's unrealistic that he was referring to Freddie Mercury. Taylor always declared that he got the inspiration for this song in his bathtub, while reading "The Invisible Man" by H. G. Wells. The video is fantastic, especially for those like me who in the 80s were passionate gamers, of course considering the level of technology at those times. Guys today are accustomed to high level graphics and advanced computing power, but 80's videogames were really miracles of coding, and we really spent the nights with them. This videogame is a little bit weird: Queen are the characters, and at a certainpoint they get out of the game into reality. It's a videogame in complete 80s style, with letter fonts coming from the movie "Tron", graphics with 8-color sprites, and so on. Why do Queen get out of the game? I think this is not the right question! As every gamer knows, when you are deep into a game, it's you entring the game! The border between reality and game gets quite blurry. People see us living in our physical life, we are actually in the game, thinking about how to pass a level, how to kill an enemy, or where to fine the item that will save our life!!! You know what? I feel like playing another game! But did you prefer the ZX Spectrum or the Commodore 64?" width="200" height="200">
Instagram post 2143707961846737328_4280643959 #Madonna<span class= #Cherish #80s #music #retro #vintage #nostalgy #video #pop #30yrsago #80and30 #anniottanta #anni80 #eighties #80smusic #soundofthe80s #ilove80s #popstars #80svideos Summer mermen Yes, mermen, not mermaids! Madonna released in early August 1989 her third single from the album "Like a prayer". After "Like a prayer" in March and "Express yourself" in May, she released "Cherish". It's an extremely happy and joyful song. What really surprised everyone was Madonna's look, once again. After seeing a Madonna at the edge of mysticism, and a sophisticated Madonna, now we see a fantastic young girl, with a short haircut, really shining in the seaside. And I think that the ability to transform from song to song has always been a peculiarity of her career and production. The video is in black and white, and was widely appreciated. The song quickly reached the top of the charts. Years after, some music journalists focused on the fact that Madonna was on the Malibu beach, surrounded by... mermen. This weird choice was interpreted as a message from Madonna to the gay communities (in 1989 the concept of LGBTQ++ was not so clearly defined yet). I don't know, if she really wanted to give this message, or if this was just a funny idea that she also carried on stage in the Blond Ambition World Tour. But I know for sure that Cherish was one of the most beautiful and happiest songs of the hot Summer of 1989. Madonna once revealed about this song, that she really had surprises from her hits! Sometimes she released a song like in this case, with not a full confidence... and these became the her greatest hits!" width="200" height="200">
Instagram post 2140554489811059025_4280643959 #Technotronic<span class= #PumpUpTheJam #80s #music #retro #vintage #nostalgy #video #pop #30yrsago #80and30 #80sneverend #anniottanta #anni80 #eighties #80smusic #soundofthe80s #ilove80s #popstars #80svideos Destiny in your name When you hear the word Technotronic, even of you don't know them, you think exactly of this: techno, electronic music and dance. It's the perfect name, and they knew it. The made a minor mistake, one year before, when they produced a hit under the name "The Pro 24s" and gave the title "Technotronic" to their hit. So in Summer 1989 they recycled this fantastic name, and used it for their group. "Pum up the jam" is probably one of the highest peaks in the techno-house wave that raised at the end of the 80s. Some say that it all began already in 1986 with Sigue-Sigue-Sputnik and their "Love missile F1-11". I think that the house wave started in 1987 with "Pump up the volume" and then evolved with, for example, Coldcut and "Doctorin' the house", or with Kraze's "The Party". yet it's a fact that "Pump up the jam" really made history and trended like no other! Maybe it was the first real border bar between 80s and 90s! but I must say that it was not bad at all! :)" width="200" height="200">
Instagram post 2133530611184130492_4280643959 #ShakespearsSister<span class= #YouReHistory #80s #music #retro #vintage #nostalgy #video #pop #30yrsago #80and30 #anniottanta #anni80 #eighties #80smusic #soundofthe80s #ilove80s #popstars #80svideos Scary sisters Diabolic sisters. Not only in the video, where they spread incredible attire and personality, but also in the story behind them, starting from their very name. In fact the sister was supposed to be just one, Siobhan Fahey, who decided to go with her solo career after marrying Eurythmics' Dave Stewart in 1987 and after entering Guinness Book of world records in 1988 for Bananarama's success. A solo career but with some additional choir voice, since she had quite low tones. So the Shakespears Sister releases the album "Sacred heart" but things were not so happy at the beginning. The producers then tried to turn it into a duo performance, following Dave Stewart's advice, and brought also the additional voice Marcella Detroit to the role of front woman. By the way, they also made some mess with the name, first dropping the final "e" in Shakespeare, then losing the apostrophe (actually present on the album sleeve), so they had quite a troubled start. Marcella Detroit was quite unknown, but just because she changed her name. Infact she had been an appreciated additional voice for Eric Clapton, Chaka Khan, Aretha Franklin, Al Jarreau, Robin Gibb, under the name of Marcy Levy, her real family name. As a duo, they find an incredible success. "You're history" climbs the charts and becomes an incredible hit also due to the video, where the contrasting presence of Siobhan and Marcella is simply irresistible, and shows all of their glamour. Siobhan has never been so intriguing like in this video, in total black and with a maleficent gaze. Marcella is her opposite, very sweet and soft and with a fantastic voice. They look like they have always been singing together! Actually they will sing together again for some years; in 1992 they will release another album with a weird title, "Hormonally yours", giving fans some concern. In fact, few months later Siobhan will leave the group for personal reasons. (more on 80and30.com)" width="200" height="200">
Instagram post 2133526553606098803_4280643959 #SimplyRed<span class= #ANewFlame #80s #music #retro #vintage #nostalgy #video #pop #30yrsago #80and30 #anniottanta #anni80 #eighties #80smusic #soundofthe80s #ilove80s #popstars #80svideos The flame is alive We are talking about the flame of Simply Red's success. We are in July 1989, and they had released their album, with the same title "A new flame", six months before. Since that day, the success was growing day after day. The first singles, "It's only love" amd "If you don't know me by now", drove this huge success. But we know they were two covers. It is also true that Mick Hucknall is a master of covers: he knows how to remain aligned with the original versions, yet he always leaves a very peculiar mark when he customizes the songs. So, in July they release "A new flame" and they get to the top. The album is steadily at number one in the British charts, and this is the first time for Simply Red! Actually this song has everything needed to explode: fantastic music, a happy and ironic mood, gorgeous women, and of course Mick Hucknall, with his amount of energy and his enormous native talent. There's one thing I really admire in him: after four years from the release of "Picture book" (the album with "Money's too tight to mention" and "Come to my aid") and two years after "Picture book" (with "The right thing" and "Infidelity"), Mick Hucknall really grew incredibly, and in this period some members even left the group. But the sound of Simply Red and Mick's fantastic style were really full of energy and enthusiasm like the first day!" width="200" height="200">
Instagram post 2133519320721722073_4280643959 #Kaoma<span class= #Lambada #80s #music #retro #vintage #nostalgy #video #pop #30yrsago #80and30 #anniottanta #anni80 #eighties #80smusic #soundofthe80s #ilove80s #popstars #80svideos Just one dance Summer 1989 ran very quickly. I lived a very beautiful summer that year. I was just 20. I had understood that my beloved 80s were about to end, but being that age, I was also confident that I could enjoy the 90s as well! Summer music was great like every year, but something unexpected happened in 1989. And it started a trend that's still lasting today: the overload of latin rhythms and dances in summer music. The latin music and languages were already very clearly associated with the idea of summer, sea and hot weather. So, in July 1989 the world discovered Lambada. A song and a dance. In the video the dancers were very young kids, which made it look like very simple, natural, and irresistible. The french-brazilian group Kaoma found worldwide success for about one year. Actually they meant to do a cover of a less known French 1986 song, but this song was also quite a copy of a bolivian song of 1981 - even with almost no changes in the lyrics. Actually a lawsuit followd and finally the rights of the original authors were recognized. Anyway, there was just one dance in Summer 1989: Lambada. In seaside resorts you could hear it every 3 minutes, day and night, in Italy and in every country. By the way that year I spent some days in Spain and even in Ibiza, where part of the clip was filmed, and it was exactly the same. Lambada here and there, day and night, Lambada for young and senior people, Lambada for Italians, Englishmen, Spanish, Germans. Just one dance: Lambada. I am sure you all remember the lead singer's voice. She was a Brazilian girl named Loalwa Braz, and she deserves our thought. She was not lucky, and in 2017 her body was found in ner burnt car in Rio, close to her home, as the end of a still unclear story." width="200" height="200">
Instagram post 2128600623957058598_4280643959 #RichardMarx<span class= #Angelia #80s #music #retro #vintage #nostalgy #video #pop #30yrsago #80and30 #anniottanta #anni80 #eighties #80smusic #soundofthe80s #ilove80s #popstars #80svideos The power of names We all know, by now, that every song tells a story, and this is a story about names. First, the name of Richard Marx. Wow! what a family name! I wonder, when you hear it, does your mind go to Groucho Marx and his brothers, or to Karl Marx? However, Richard Marx released "Angelia" in July 1989, the hit soon became a huge success. It's a great song, of course, but I think that also this strange name added some fascination to the song. Actually this is not an autobiographic song. Richard was happily engaged with his future wife Cynthia Rhodes (you saw her in all dance movies: Xanadu, Staying Alive, Flashdance, and she also played Penny in Dirty Dancing. So he really was not suffering the love pain he sings in the song. But one day he was on a plane, and a hostess served him a drink. He read the name tag saying "Angelia" and commented about how beatiful was the name "'Angelia", with the stressed A. And she replied, actually it's to be read "Angelìa". He really went mad with this name, and the story says he was just looking for a four syllabe name for this dramatic love song. ...and here it was!" width="200" height="200">
Instagram post 2127871081860694511_4280643959 #MichaelJackson<span class= #LiberianGirl #80s #music #retro #vintage #nostalgy #video #pop #30yrsago #80and30 #anniottanta #anni80 #eighties #80smusic #soundofthe80s #ilove80s #popstars #80svideos Video like a star In July 1989 we saw something uncommon in the world of pop and in the 80s. In fact, we saw one album with 9 tracks released as singels and videos! Of course we talk about "Bad" and Michael Jackson. The album was very famous because it was released two years before, in the days of "I Just Can't Stop Loving You". Then, we saw the videos of "Bad", "The Way You Make Me Feel", "Man in the Mirror", "Dirty Diana", "Another Part of Me", "Smooth Criminal", and few months before, also the video of "Leave Me Alone". In other words, that album really made history. But there's sapce for another video! And so he releases "Liberian Girl", a fantastic song with an ironic clip, where Michael invites a lot of movie, tv and music stars to film the video. And we see Spielberg, Whoopi Goldberg, David Copperfield, Dan Aykroyd, Steve Guttenberg, John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, even Weird Al Yankovic who used to make funny videos out of pop songs, including "Bad". They all wonder how the video will be, and at the end we see Michael at the camera, as to say... but we actually just made the video!! Sometimes it happens to see this song with a different video clip, a sensual video in sepia colors with Michael and Naomi Campbell. And actually it really fits, but that video was filmed three years later for "In the closet", a track included in the album "Dangerous". Only Michael Jackson was the real star who could make clips that fitted for every song!!!" width="200" height="200">
Instagram post 2114163298044753128_4280643959 #Cher<span class= #IfICouldTurnBackTime #80s #music #retro #vintage #nostalgy #video #pop #30yrsago #80and30 #anniottanta #anni80 #eighties #80smusic #soundofthe80s #ilove80s #popstars #80svideos The sake of being talked about Maybe Cher was not really an 80's icon; she was famous before, in the 70s with her former husband Sonny Bono and their tormented story, and after a decade of oblivion shecame back to celebrity in mid 1989. And she stayed on the crest of the wave ever since! During her careen she has been famous for many reasons, and her songs are just the top of the iceberg. We already talked about Sonny and Cher, and when she got back at the end of the 80s she impressed the world for her eternal beauty, her incredibly fitted body, probably helped by science without even hiding it too much. And she was famous also for some of her provocative behaviours; for example, she realized the video of this song in collaboration with the us navy at the beginning of July 1989, with the additional purpose of enabling easier recruits. But Cher showed up with a look that was very different from the agreements, aggressive and teasing, and maybe excessive for the US navy. Some said that it was excessive also for her 43 years (at the time), an age taht in the 80s was much heavier than today's forty-some's. Yet Cher went straight on, without compromising, and she achieved whatever she wanted to. At he end, she is the winner, because she is not only a great singer and artist, but she is especially a strong tenacious woman who can always point into the right direction. Her direction, of course!" width="200" height="200">
Instagram post 2111296548689218432_4280643959 #ChrisIsaak<span class= #WickedGame #80s #music #retro #vintage #nostalgy #video #pop #30yrsago #80and30 #anniottanta #anni80 #eighties #80smusic #soundofthe80s #ilove80s #popstars #80svideos The next door rockstar "Wicked game" is the typical song that all of us heard at least one time. Or maybe many more times, maybe one thousand times. We heard in on the radio, in the tv ads, in the soundtracks of the seriel and movies we love, in all the playlists about love. But sometimes we can't remember title and author. But let me say that this is really a great love song, and Chris Isaak deserves to be recognized! If I'm not wrong Chris told about this song that one night after a concert he received a phone call form a girl who wanted to come and see him for the whole night. He was upset because this was the typical girl bringing troubles, so he started writing this song about the situation he was about to live. When she arrived, the song was finished, and he could talk about the song with her... and get safe and sound to the morning after 🙂 Chris Isaak is quite famous in the US, he made less appearances in Europe, but years ago in an Italian tv show he revealed that his mother was Italian. Anyway, a lot of his songs, even after the 80s, were included in the soundtracks of great movies. I mean, if you are Duran Duran or Spandau Ballet and write a love song, it can easily become a worldwide success. But if you are Chris Isaak and write a song like this, well, you really deserved success. Ok, maybe you got a little advantage when you filmed the video with Helena Christensen, but overall you really made something special! Finally, if you are Chris Isaak, you deserved success also for another reason. In the US he is considered a kind of next door rockstar because he was always very kind and happy to meet fans in any moment. And I really like this attitude, I mean, he remains an easy good guy even if he is a rockstar. In the US they even created a sort of reality show based on the backstage of his concerts, hte Chris Isaak show. Who knows if he will ever release an interview to 80and30? :)" width="200" height="200">
Instagram post 2108953668868058344_4280643959 #PetShopBoys<span class= #ItsAlright #80s #music #retro #vintage #nostalgy #video #pop #30yrsago #80and30 #anniottanta #anni80 #eighties #80smusic #soundofthe80s #ilove80s #popstars #80svideos Alright for the future Pet Shop Boys released "It's alright" at the end of June 1989. It was the last single out of the album "Introspective", and the album was released almost two years ago. "Introspective" had an enormous success thanks to hits like "Always on my mind", "Domino dancing", "Left to my own devices". And it contained only six songs, including the Pet Shop Boys version of "I'm not scared", that they wrote originally for Patsy Kensit and Eighth Wonder. It's alright is a peculiar song. It was the last song on the album and it lasted for more than 9 minutes! Maybe it's the longest Pet Shop Boys hit! It mentions a series of social and political issues of that time, and at the end it repeats that it'all right, of course. Bu in the album version, Neil himself closes wondering if it really will be alright... and we share his concern. So lyrics and video are definitely not superficial. But now we learnt to know Neil and Chris and we know that in all their production and all the years of their career there ha never been anything superficial!!!!" width="200" height="200">
Instagram post 2107473590019600549_4280643959 #Queen<span class= #Breakthru #80s #music #retro #vintage #nostalgy #video #pop #30yrsago #80and30 #anniottanta #anni80 #eighties #80smusic #soundofthe80s #ilove80s #popstars #80svideos The train of success In mid June 1989 Queen's success and fame were really running like trains! Their latest album, "The Miracle", in about six weeks had climbed all the charts, pulled by the incredible sales of "I want it all". The Queen were really pop icons in England, in Europe, and in many other countries. This hit is of course quite unconventional, and it actually merges two songs together! The 30 seconds at the beginning of the song belong to a Freddie Mercury's song that was never released, called "A new life is born", as he says in the verse. Then the real "Breakthru" begins, composed mostly by drummer Roger Taylor. And actually the rhythm is really beating like a steam train engine! And so the Queen hired a real steam engine, an open platform car, built a wall in polystirene, and launched the train at full speed across the British countryside! And they had to sign an insurance too, because there was really some form of hazard! They were playing standing on an open platform, on a train running at full speed! They painted it brand new and put the sign "Miracle Express", from the album title. And what about the wonderful girl opening the video? Ok, not only this was a Roger Taylor's song, but the model was also Roger Taylor's girlfriend! Debbie Leng was quite a familiar actress in the UK because she had modeled in the Cadbury chocolate spots. S freddie Mercury proposed Taylor to involve her for the video too. It seems that Roger was not really enthusiastic about the idea at the beginning, but how can you say no to your girlfriend and Freddie Mercury together?? They will absolutely say you are against the project!!!" width="200" height="200">
Instagram post 2099763791727240146_4280643959 #B52s<span class= #TheB52s #LoveShack #80s #music #retro #vintage #nostalgy #video #pop #30yrsago #80and30 #anniottanta #anni80 #eighties #80smusic #soundofthe80s #ilove80s #popstars #80svideos Memories of new wave The B-52's had a preiod of great success at the end of the 80s, but it actually was a sort of comeback! In fact they were on stage since the late 70s, and were quite famous at the beginning of the 80s as a new wave band. And suddenly, in 1989, Success with capital S meets again the B-52's. It all begins on June 20, when they release "Love shack". Their album "Cosmic thing" was already on the market, but you know, sometimes you really need the right spark. "Love shack" really sent them at the high places in many charts, especially in English speaking countries, including Australia and New Zealand, until the end of 1989. The title refers to a cabin in Georgia where Kate Pierson, the red headed singer, happened to live during her youth. A simple but romantic place, we could say. Anyway, it's a beautiful song and a beautiful video. The song was produced by Don Was, one of the members of Was not Was, who sang "Walk the Dinosaur" in 1987 - and we recognize the style of the trumpets. The song includes also one of the most controversial lines of 80s history! The music ctops while singer Fred Schneider says... "You are whaaat?" and the blond singer Cindy Wilson answers (maybe) "Tin roof, rusted!" and it seems she refers to the rusted tin roof of the cabin. The video also includes the first act of an artist who really left his mark with a great career: RuPaul, one of the most famous drag queens, even if we should say that he is an artist who also performed as a drag queen. Can you spot him in the video?" width="200" height="200">
Instagram post 2094600190834053279_4280643959 Woooowww!! The<span class= #narrative I wrote about #BabyOneMoreTime, @britneyspears first album, is showing in home page at @vibbidi - www.vibbidi.net !!! Feel so honoured! Thank you guys!!!" width="200" height="200">
Instagram post 2088112702944942070_4280643959 #PaulaAbdul<span class= #coldhearted #80s #music #retro #vintage #nostalgy #video #pop #30yrsago #80and30 #anniottanta #anni80 #eighties #80smusic #soundofthe80s #ilove80s #popstars #80svideos Hot hearted In June 1989 Paula Abdul released "Cold hearted", one of her career milestones. She was now worldwide famous: her album "Forever your girl" literally broke the ceiling in all the charts, and her last singles like "Straight up" and "Forever your girl" easily and quickly climbed up to number one. Yet the album had been around for about one year, and it probably was not so easy to release other singles. But we know Paula Abdul always got secret cards. And she shows the world to be not only a great singer, but also a fantastic dancer and a phenomenal choreographer. The video of this song is a kind of trademark of Paula's videos. Sensual choreographies, she looks hot in a fishnet dress, half naked dancers, shadows, and there is also one of Paula's favorite ingredients: the scaffolding! Really, the structure where she dances with the crew. If you look at Paula's videos, it is a very common presence! Even today: I was looking days ago at a performance that Paula created for a national show and.. the scaffolding was there! It is clearly one of the pillars of Paula' careers, together with her outstanding talent!" width="200" height="200">
Instagram post 2084951238302824730_4280643959 #U2<span class= #AllIWantIsYou #80s #music #retro #vintage #nostalgy #video #pop #30yrsago #80and30 #anniottanta #anni80 #eighties #80smusic #soundofthe80s #ilove80s #popstars #80svideos A love movie It was about mid June 1989 when U2 released the last single from "Rattle and Hum", one of their biggest works. "All I want is you" followed the success of "Desire", "Angel in Harlem", "When love comes to town". As it sometimes happen with the greatest artists, this song is really a jewel. Maybe at first glance it may seem not the most unforgettable song by U2, but we definitely need to set some context. As far as I know, Bono defined this song as an ideal sequel to "With or without you", the great love song in "The Joshua Tree" - an absolute masterpiece. And I think that an affinity between the songs is clear. But what makes this song outstanding is the video, where by the way U2 appear only for few seconds towards the end. Unfortunately the images are not in the best quality and we cannot fully appreciate it. The story is about a tragic love in a circus, between a dwarf and a trapeze artist. Those who love movies will recognize a touch of Fellini in the style of this movie, a sort of oniric style. But this was absolutely in the director's intentions! In fact the movie was filmed not far from Rome, a short distance away from the set of Fellini's last movie, "The voice of the moon" in the same days! So this video is absolutely a tribute to the great Maestro! It's a sad story, and we see a funeral at the end. The Edge clarified fans' doubts saying that the victim was the trapeze artist. But it is clear that the victim is the heart, the feeling of love that in many cases could have been, but for the many circumstances of life, has not been. A great love elegy with a fantastic video that probably went a little bit underrated" width="200" height="200">
Instagram post 2079855443417259560_4280643959 #Prince<span class= #Batdance #80s #music #retro #vintage #nostalgy #video #pop #30yrsago #80and30 #anniottanta #anni80 #eighties #80smusic #soundofthe80s #ilove80s #popstars #80svideos The Bat Gemini It was early June 1989 when Prince released "Batdance", soundtrack to Tim Burton's movie "Batman", of course. The hit had fantastic success. I think the world was really waiting for Prince, because his latest singles had less success than, for example "Purple rain" or "Kiss", so people really wanted to enjoy some great funk again. And of course, people also wanted Batman and had great expectations about this fantastic movie. Actually, the movie had two different soundtracks! This was Prince's soundtrack, with a lot of music that actually had not been included in the final version of the movie, but there was also Danny Elfman's soundtrack for Batman. Danny Elfman was the leader of Oingo Boingo. The life of the hit was really connected to the movie. It climbed the charts extremely quickly when the movie came out, but it also fell down very quickly after few weeks, when people had finally seen the movie. And also the radios stopped quickly to air this hit. The song actually sounds like an exercise; it is clearly composed of different sections, with different rhytmhs and sounds. It begins with a series of samples from the movie audio. And we have to say that actually Prince had another song to release for the movie, but in the very last days he changed his mind and chose "Batdance". The video is a huge choreography created by the great Paula Abdul who was on top of the charts with songs like "Forever your girl", for example. It is filled with bats, jokers, an army of Vcky Vales and so on. But maybe the most upsetting character is Prince himself, or Gemini, as it appears in the video. And I think he really loved to be Gemini in the video, not only for all the times when he created fictionalry alter-egos, like the famous Camille of the Black Album and "Alphabet St.", but also because, as a zodiac, he was really a Gemini!" width="200" height="200">
Instagram post 2074315178539567565_4280643959 Jun 25, 2009-2019 Rest in peace<span class= #MichaelJackson The video that changed history If I have to say which videoclip had the biggest impact on history and on the habits of a whole generation, and maybe also of the generations that followed, well, there's no doubt: it's Micael Jackson's "Thriller". I mean, the album itself was outstanding and numbers speak for it: it's the album that sold most in history, over 110 million copies. Seven singles out of this album, all reached top ten places. "Thriller" also won 8 Grammy Awards in 1984, so it's clearly on outstanding album. But there's something more. Michael Jackson released the album at the end of November 1982. As a single, he released "Thriller" almost one year later, in November 1983. He wanted to make a super video. Actually, he wanted to do a "short movie" as he called the videos, also with an outstanding budget. His music company, Epic Records, did not agree, because the album was out since the previous year, and it really made no sense to wate that money for something that people already knew and maybe already bought. Michael insisted and persuaded tham by threatening also contract resolutions. And he was damn right! The video of "Thriller" was so successful that the album went once again on top of the charts, after one year! MTV itself was not going through good periods, but the succes of "Thriller" helped MTV to generate profits and avoid a premature close of business. Everything has already been said on this video; John Landis as a director, Vincent Price and his deep voice... how many times in the following years we saw someone with the wewrewolf's yellow eyes like in "Thriller"? But I think that the most important thing is really the impact of this song! Without this video, in fact, if MTV had closed between 1983 and 1984 the whole pop music and the whole 80s history would have been different! Without MTV few artists would have created videoclips again; they would probably just make videos with artists singing a song in some tv show like in the 70s, and we would have missed all those fantastic videoclips of the 80s! Continue reading on 80and30.com/thriller" width="200" height="200">
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