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…and you finally grow up!

George Michael – I want your sex

George Michael released “I want your sex” on Jun 1, 1987. He chose this song as the first single out of a very successful album. We are of course talking about “Faith”, his first solo album. This hit marked a sort of sliding doors, not only for this fantastic artist, but for all our generation. George Michael had finally grown up, definitely.

Although it was one of George Michael’s biggest hits, he ignored the song following its release. He never performed it after the Faith World Tour. The song is included in the soundtrack of Beverly Hills Cop II.

After the teenage years with Wham! (always with the exclamation mark), after some trial with Careless Whisper and with Aretha Franklin, he was all set up for his grown-up career, and we can say it started with this song.
George was now an adult, and he was stating it clearly. He featured a Spanish model for some nude scenes in the video, but the girl in the rest of the scenes is her then-girlfriend Kathy Jeung.

And of course, the only thing he could write with the lipstick was “Explore monogamy”!!!

I've waited so long, baby
Now that we're friends
Every man's got his patience
And here's where mine ends
#GeorgeMichael #IWantYourSex

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