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Weak or very strong?

Belinda Carlisle – I get weak

Belinda Carlisle could go on forever saying “I get weak” while singing this song, yet she seems very strong, actually! Since 1985, when Go-Go’s disbanded, she started a solo career. Things went so good, and she proved to be a very strong woman and artist! And so, between February and March 1988, radios started to broadcast whis very beautiful song, the second single taken for her best album “Heaven on earth”. And this song for her was really heaven on earth and reached top places in the charts of many countries: a peculiar video, a good song, but first of all the fantastic voice of Belinda!! Everybody knows that Belinda was formerly the singer of Go-Go’s, but I think than many people learnt about Go-Go’s after listening to Belinda Carlisle after her Go-Go’s period !!! Who knows if Belinda would have gathered the same success had she stayed in that famous girls band?

With a kiss you can strip me defenseless
With a touch I completely lose control
‘Til all that’s left of my strength is a memory, whoa
I get weak when I look at you
#IGetWeak #BelindaCarlisle

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