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A real big thing

Duran Duran – I don’t want your love

“I dont want your love” marked a great day and a big thing for all Duran Duran fans in 1988. A great day because, two years after “Notorious“, the guys were releasing their fifth studio album. And a Big Thing because… that’s the title of the album. Many things had changed both inside and outside Duran Duran. Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and John Taylor had transformed into a trio, after two members had parted. Guitarist Andy Taylor left and Warren Cuccurullo (and also Chester Kamen, like in this song) took his place. Drummer Roger Taylor’s place went to Steve Ferrone or Sterling Campbell.

The world had changed also outside the group. Teenagers became adults, and Simon Le Bon was turning 30 as well. People’s tastes had changed, and also Duran’s tastes.

Yet, thirty years later, this remains a great album! it desrved bigger success, in my opinion, because it contained a lot of wonderful tracks. But Duran were in a sort of declining mood, with some sadness. You can feel it in some songs and in the dedication, lkie in “Do you believe in shame” which remembers three missed friends.

In any case, the album had a good success! This song was the first single, and it left us fans speechless! For the first time, Duran used the word “love” in their lyrics. Yes, non only in titles but also in lyrics, they never did it before!

Finally, we must remember that they did really big things, like the tour promoting the album. They made for example seven shows in Italy… and I was there! And guys, when you want, I’ll still be there!!! Soon, please! 🙂

I, won't turn you out, if you've got someone else -
Someone else you care about, because you, must realize,
My obsessive fascination is in your imagination (now pick it up)...
I don't want your love to bring me down
#DuranDuran #IDontWantYourLove

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