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Everything easy for the lady

Spagna – Easy Lady

Move on up I'm gonna tease you lover
gonna work on you my love you will discover
Move on up you really gotta please me
try try harder now you know you must appease me
#Spagna #EasyLady

She was great, and we’d find out over time. In fact, she’s been making music for a lot of years, along with her brother and her boyfriend, but you know it’s never easy. But if you have talent, you always find a way to explode, and everything becomes easy.

For Ivana Spagna fate decided that some copies of songs that she had recorded as disco music, and that were not successful in Italy, due to some mistakes and strange reasons arrived in France, at some radio stations. And in France they had a fantastic success. And in fact, “Easy Lady” was first released in France on July 1, 1986.

The success was so resounding that in a few weeks it became the most bought and listened to song in many countries of Europe, and at the end Spagna was the undisputed queen of this fantastic summer, and everything became really easy for her. After all, she had a glamorous look, a kitsch video, a remarkable voice, a name that you remember, and above all a fantastic song that has surpassed all the others! Everything is easy for you, in short, if you are Ivana Spagna and you sing “Easy Lady”!!

Spagna’s career at the time seemed to be at the highest possible level; in fact Ivana was only at the beginning, because she was able to repeat the success with other disco tracks such as “Call me“, and over the years as we know she became a very good performer who has always been able to ignite the audience with songs of great intensity.

By the way, this song shows how the “Italo Disco” music changed through the years: how much difference in sounds, electronics and videos between “Easy Lady” and, for example, “Turbo Diesel“, “Disco Band”, “Comanchero” and all the others!!!

But I have to tell you one thing: with great respect for the whole career and the success that she had later, but with this look and this electroplatinated hair she was absolutely fantastic!!!!!

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