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The doctors of the House

Doctorin’ the House – Coldcut featuring Yazz & The Plastic Population

Three in a row cannot be a coincidence, and when “Doctorin’ the house” climbed the charts in February 1988, it was definitely a clear signal. The house music was taking the place of pop music in new generation’s hearts. The trend began years ago but became intense at the end of 1987: Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Pump up the volume, Beat dis… it was definitely the time to set some rules to create the perfect house mix. And that’s what Coldcut wanted to do. There was also a new trend for artists names, the “featuring”, that is still living a glamorous life 30 years later. This song anyway was fantastic and deserves to be in late 80s history; but when I see Yazz, her way of moving and dancing, and her look… I think that even if it was late 80s, she was really a glamorous 80s girl! That’s it, I wonder how she would have looked if she was born 5 years before! Absolutely fantastic!

Say kids
What time is it?
It’s time for house. I am the magnificent!
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