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The cherry on top of the cake

Neneh Cherry – Buffalo stance

“Buffalo stance” introduces in December 1988 a new star in the world of hip-hop and pop. We can say she is really a citizen of the world! Daughter to a Sierra Leone drummer and a Swedish artist, with an American stepfather. Of course she grows up in England and in the UK 🙂 . This is the story of Neneh Cherry. She release this great hit at the end of November, and in few weeks she was on top of the charts both in UK and in US. It is a very good hip hop track. The title refers to a fashion house, the “Buffalo” created by stylist Ray Petri. A mix of artists, photographers, stylists, models, musicians. Neneh also wanted to quote, in the title, a song by Malcolm McLaren, “Buffalo Gals”, which she used for sampling. And she sampled also “Hey you” by Rock Steady Crew.

Finally, she reaches success and her career takes off. But Neneh knows that there is someone who actually deserves some credits from her. In fact he did some of the samplings, of the effects and of the arrangements. So among the lyrics, she mentions this Timmy, and says “Bomb the Bass, rock this place”. And Timmy is really that “Bomb the bass”! He went of top of the charts in February 1988 with his hit “Beat dis“, whic we mentioned, one of the first house music tracks.

The cherry on the cake of success arrives in 1990, when Neneh receives a nomination at the Grammy Awards as Best New Artist. She does not win. Do you know who gets the prize? Our friends Milli Vanilli, who will soon need to give the award back, as we already told! The hand of the destiny!!!

No moneyman can win my love
It's sweetness that I'm thinking of
We always hang in a Buffalo Stance
We do the dive every time we dance
#NenehCherry #BuffaloStance

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