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Years of change

Simple Minds – Belfast Child

“Belfast child” marked the return, between January and February 1989, of the great Simple Minds on international scene. More than three years had passed since their last studio album, “Once upon a time”. This song was a sort of bridge to the new album “Street fighting years”, abount to exit in some months.

Simple Minds were really in a deep changing phase. From a five-member group, plus the unforgettable vocalist Robin Clark, they transformed slowly into a three-member group, with many additional musicians. You can understand that the situation was not so bright. The climate became quite harsh, and probably some songs showed this influence. The producers changed. The new producer was Trevor Horn, the famous leader of the Buggles.

Anyway, the album found great success, especially in UK and Europe. Jim Kerr grew adult. He wrote more intense songs, inspired by stories like the Enniskillen bomb, in this case. He looked for more intense videos. Yet the fans received the album and the songs with great enthusiasm.

Personally, the songs from “Street fighting years” remind me of a very particular period. It was a period when lots of things in your life change together. Schools, friendships, loves, but through change you grow, and you become. Just like it happened to Simple Minds!

Come back people, you've been gone a while,
And the war is raging, through the Emerald Isle.
That's flesh and blood man, that's flesh and blood,
All the girls are crying but all's not lost.
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