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Depeche Mode – Behind the wheel

I couldn’t understand why “Behind the wheel”, among the many many songs and videos of Depeche Mode, had a clip that always seemed so familiar to me. Actually this black and white style seems the reprise to the video of “Music for the masses”, this is true, and we can say that Depeche really crossed the whole 80s since Vincent Clarke’s times and we saw dozens of video, but this clip in black and white was really beautiful!
It’s so full of iconic images and pictures, like in a black and White dream: Gahan in the countryside in crutches, the woman arriving on the scooter… the small village, the old style bar… There’s something definitely charming about this! Oh, wait! that’s why! Writings are in Italian, my native language! And then I suddenly recognize those landscapes, those architectural styles.. even those pavements in the square at the final dance! The wheel of fortune runs for the two lovers in the bar… which number will come out? 🙂

Sweet little girl
I prefer
You behind the wheel
And me the passenger
#DepecheMode #BehindTheWheel

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