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Michael Jackson – Bad

Really the King of Pop acted bad? Absolutely not. His character, his role had to be aggressive. Thirty years ago, Aug 31, 1987, Michael Jackson released an album that made history. “Bad” soon became the second best-selling album at the times (the first was and still is “Thriller”). After “Off the wall” and “Thriller” the King leveraged for the third and last time the collaboration of Quincy Jones. Hard to say whether it’s better “Thriller” or this new album, the albums are quite different, Michael himself was a different person after 5 years, grown and changed both from an artistical and personal perspective, in a pop world that he contributed to create with Thriller, and that now featured new stars like Madonna and Prince, in the US, and with all the Brit pop.

Moreover, Thriller just needed to fill the 40 minutes of a vinyl record, while this album had to fill also the 70 minutes of a cd. Anyway, it’s a fact that Bad entered in history as well, and it’s still one of the key albums (and videos) of the 80s

Well they say the sky's the limit
And to me that's really true
But my friend you have seen nothin'
Just wait 'til I get through
#MichaelJackson #Bad

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