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Aerosmith Janie's got a gun

A sad rock story

Posted in 1989, United States

Aerosmith – Janie’s Got A Gun

Aerosmith released “Pump” in September 1989, and it was definitely one of their best albums. Two years after “Permanent vacation”, the previous album that marked a quality leap for their career, and after the happy rides of “

Cure Lovesong

Uncommon love

Posted in 1989, United Kingdom
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The Cure – Lovesong

Ok, we know that when we talk about Robert Smith and the Cure, nothing can really be common! “Lovesong” reached the market at the end of Summer 1989, about four months after the release of “

Depeche Mode Personal Jesus

Reach out, touch faith!

Posted in 1989, United Kingdom
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Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus

Between August and September 1989, almost two years after “Behind the wheel“, Depeche Mode released “Personal Jesus”, and this real milestone hit began its long journey. They recorded the song in Milan and filmed the videoclip in Spain,

Tears For Fears Sowing the seeds of love

From the Beatles to the Iron Lady

Posted in 1989, United Kingdom
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Tears for Fears – Sowing the seeds of love

Tears For fears found an incredible success in 1984 and 85, with their milestone album “Songs from the Big Chair”, which feature absolute pearls of the 80s, like “Shout”

Aerosmith Love in an elevator

The elevator of rock

Posted in 1989, United States
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Aerosmith – Love In An Elevator

It was mid August 1989 when Aerosmith released “Love in an elevator”, the first hit from their new album “Pump”. We had not been hearing from them since more than one year,

Queen The invisible man

The videogame of life

Posted in 1989, United Kingdom
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Queen – The Invisible Man

I always liked the song “the Invisible Man”. Queen’s fans love it also because it’s the only song that contains the names of hte band members, just like they do in the live performances.

Madonna Cherish

Summer mermen

Posted in 1989, United States
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Madonna – Cherish

Yes, mermen, not mermaids! Madonna released in early August 1989 her third single from the album “Like a prayer”. After “Like a prayer” in March and “Express yourself

Technotronic Pump up the jam

Destiny in your name

Posted in 1989, Europe - other countries
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Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam

When you hear the word Technotronic, even of you don’t know them, you think exactly of this: techno, electronic music and dance. It’s the perfect name, and they knew it. The made a minor mistake,

Shakespears Sister You re history

Scary sisters

Posted in 1989, United Kingdom
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Shakespears Sister – You’re History

Diabolic sisters. Not only in the video, where they spread incredible attire and personality, but also in the story behind them, starting from their very name. In fact the sister was supposed to be just one,