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Chris Isaak – Wicked game

“Wicked game” is the typical song that all of us heard at least one time. Or maybe many more times, maybe one thousand times. We heard in on the radio, in the tv ads, in the soundtracks of the seriel and movies we love, in all the playlists about love. But sometimes we can’t remember title and author. But let me say that this is really a great love song, and Chris Isaak deserves to be recognized!

If I’m not wrong Chris told about this song that one night after a concert he received a phone call form a girl who wanted to come and see him for the whole night. He was upset because this was the typical girl bringing troubles, so he started writing this song about the situation he was about to live. When she arrived, the song was finished, and he could talk about the song with her… and get safe and sound to the morning after 🙂

Chris Isaak is quite famous in the US, he made less appearances in Europe, but years ago in an Italian tv show he revealed that his mother was Italian. Anyway, a lot of his songs, even after the 80s, were included in the soundtracks of great movies.

I mean, if you are Duran Duran or Spandau Ballet and write a love song, it can easily become a worldwide success. But if you are Chris Isaak and write a song like this, well, you really deserved success. Ok, maybe you got a little advantage when you filmed the video with Helena Christensen, but overall you really made something special!

Finally, if you are Chris Isaak, you deserved success also for another reason. In the US he is considered a kind of next door rockstar because he was always very kind and happy to meet fans in any moment. And I really like this attitude, I mean, he remains an easy good guy even if he is a rockstar. In the US they even created a sort of reality show based on the backstage of his concerts, hte Chris Isaak show. Who knows if he will ever release an interview to 80and30? 🙂

What a wicked thing to say
You never felt this way
What a wicked thing to do
To make me dream of you
And I don't want to fall in love
#ChrisIsaak #WickedGame

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