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Good things come in threes!

Bon Jovi – Wanted dead or alive

“Wanted dead or alive” really marks a sort of milestone in the history of rock and of the 80s. Actually, before april 1987, it never happened that a hard rock album had three singles in the top ten of the Billboard charts. It happened to Michael Jackson or Madonna, real pop stuff, but never to a hard rock album.

Of course it takes a great great album, but definitely “Slippery when wet” was and still is a great album, with 33 million copies sold, a golden status and 12 platinum statuses overall, so after all it was reasonable that, after, “You give love a bad name” e “Livin’ on a prayer“, this song entered the top ten too!

Jon Bon Jovi released this song on Mar 2, 1987, on the very days of his 25th birthday! What a nice birthday self-gift!!!!

It soon became a signature song for the group, telling the story of the rock group traveling through the country for their concerts, on a tour bus that becomes a steel horse. And this is the sad fate of artists: every night you play in front of thousands of excited people in every town, but ultimately you might feel deep alone in your destiny. You’re a cowboy, on a steel horse you ride!

Sometimes you tell the day
By the bottle that you drink
And times when you're alone all you do is think
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