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After two great shots…

Yazz – Stand up for your love rights

“Stand up for your love rights” came after two great successful hits for Yazz. And it could be just a third great success! So, after “Doctorin’ the house” and “The only way is up“,

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She could only go up!

Yazz and the Plastic Population – The only way is up

“The only way is up” has been a wish but also a kind of prophecy for Yazz and her career. Just few months earlier Yazz found international fame and success performing the vocals in “Doctorin’ the House“.

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The doctors of the House

Doctorin’ the House – Coldcut featuring Yazz & The Plastic Population
Three in a row cannot be a coincidence, and when “Doctorin’ the house” climbed the charts in February 1988, it was definitely a clear signal. The house music was taking the place of pop music in new generation’s hearts.

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