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What’s the title?

The Bangles – Eternal flame

“Eternal flame” by the Bangles has a peculiarity. It’s absolutely a fantastic love ballad, but it suffers from a problem. Many songs have this problem. I explain. Everybody knows this song. Many of us love this song. We all have heard it at least one time on the radio,

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A very long walk

Bangles – Walk like an Egyptian

Walk like an Egyptian, that is, but always in line. In fact, as the song says, in line like egyptians. This great Bangles’ song was born after seeing paople walking in line on a ferry, trying to keep balance. And it also feature scenes of Lady Di and Gaddafi in the video…

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Bangles – Manic Monday

Manic Monday, after all, is a story of every week. Mondays in January and February turn often into definitely sad days. A couple of years ago a study of some english engineers confirmed that this sensation was indeed reality. Just like today… but daylights are getting longer and spring is coming,

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