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Matt Bianco – Sneaking out the back door

Love I've had before, it nailed me to the floor,
I prefer my own company.
Love to me is being free with no responsibility,
So you may find me sneaking out the back door with a grin.
#MattBianco #Basia #SneakingOutTheBackdoor

“Sneaking out the back door” appeared in end April 1984, together with the flourishing Spring. I am sure that you still remember Matt Bianco. A peculiar artist: an Englishman with a taste for the sophisticate atmospheres of jazz. An unbelievable passion for giving long long titles to his songs. A natural talent for merging pop and jazz in all his productions.

Everybody knows the name Matt Bianco, but this is the name of the group, and not the name of the frontman Mark Reilly.

The success of “Sneaking out the back door” came some months before the release of the album, that came in August. In the middle, Matt Bianco also released in July the great hit “Whose side are you on“. This will also be the title of the album. By the way, we are talking about one of the first albums ever printed in cd (one year later).

Of course Mark had great talent, but Matt Bianco had another distinctive sign: the voice of the female singer, a great great voice. She left Matt Bianco after some time, and had a career with her name, Basia. It’s spelt like “Basha”, there is a full twitter thread on this! Her last name is tough, but her voice is still fantastic!!!

Matt Bianco and Basia on Wikipedia

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