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One year later

Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine – Rhythm is gonna get you

“Rhythm is gonna get you” shows an example of when things require their time.Gloria Estefan is the real latin queen of the 80s. In some sense, she is an opener for all careers like Jennifer Lopez or Shakira. Maybe Gloria had lost every hope to see this hit in the charts. Let’s focus on 1987. We are three years after the great success of Miami Sound Machine with “Dr. Beat” and “Conga”. Gloria releases this hit, taken from her new album “Let it loose”. The hit does not enter the charts. Some months later, the hit is included in the soundtrack for the movie “Stakeout”. Gloria tries it again and releases the hit again, but again it does not work.

In the meantime, other hits from that album found some success. So, in December 1988, she tried to release this hit once again. And she is right, because after one year from the first release, this song finally enters the charts in the UK! Obstination pays!

In bed, throw the covers on your head
You pretend like you are dead
But I know it
The rhythm is gonna get'cha
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