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Yazz Stand up for your love rights

After two great shots…

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Yazz – Stand up for your love rights

“Stand up for your love rights” came after two great successful hits for Yazz. And it could be just a third great success! So, after “Doctorin’ the house

Kraze The party

House, Party, Kraze

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Kraze – The party

The Party, crazy, house… It’s a pun to introduce one of the greatest House music hits overall. Kraze obtained a fantastic success! He has haitian roots, and obtained a deal by a great music house who heard his demo version of “the Party”.

Michael Jackson Smooth criminal

Dance criminal

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Michael Jackson – Smooth criminal

“Smooth criminal” is one of the songs that Michael Jackson’s fans love the most. He realeased it at the end of October 1988. The song came out of the album “Bad, like many other songs we have already met: “

U2 Desire

On the top of the world

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U2 – Desire

“Desire” definitely marks one of the most prolific periods for 80s pop music, October 1988. U2 released “Rattle and Hum”, their sixth album, on October 10, 1988. Actually they released the first single, “Desire”, some weeks earlier.

Duran Duran I dont want your love

A real big thing

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Duran Duran – I don’t want your love

“I dont want your love” marked a great day and a big thing for all Duran Duran fans in 1988. A great day because, two years after “Notorious“,

Enya Orinoco flow

Around the world from Ireland

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Enya – Orinoco flow

No doubt “Orinoco flow” is one of the most famous songs of the late 80s. Many dinosaurs like us remember perfectly the face of the girl who sang it in October 1988. And we remember even her name,

Freddie Mercury Montserrat Caballe Barcelona

A stylish farewell

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Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé – Barcelona

“Barcelona” raised great expections even before being released, in October 1988. For many reasons, people talked a lot about it. Maybe it wasn’t really a wonderful song. They mixed world class elements,

Pet Shop Boys Domino Dancing

Introspective on the Genius

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Pet Shop Boys – Domino Dancing

“Domino Dancing” announced, in September 1988, the incoming of a new Pet Shop Boys’ album. Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe came from two album of incredible success. They really stood among the icons of the 80s.

TPau Secret Garden

Maybe a little too secret

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T’Pau – Secret garden

“Secret garden” introduced the second album of T’Pau, “Rage”. I think it was a good album with beautiful songs, and it actually found a good success especially in England. Yet it did not reach the magic heights of the previous album,