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Summer 1989 ran very quickly. I lived a very beautiful summer that year. I was just 20. I had understood that my beloved 80s were about to end, but being that age, I was also confident that I could enjoy the 90s as well! Summer music was great like every year, but something unexpected happened in 1989. And it started a trend that’s still lasting today: the overload of latin rhythms and dances in summer music. The latin music and languages were already very clearly associated with the idea of summer, sea and hot weather.

So, in July 1989 the world discovered Lambada. A song and a dance. In the video the dancers were very young kids, which made it look like very simple, natural, and irresistible. The french-brazilian group Kaoma found worldwide success for about one year. Actually they meant to do a cover of a less known French 1986 song, but this song was also quite a copy of a Bolivian song of 1981 – even with almost no changes in the lyrics. Actually a lawsuit followd and finally the rights of the original authors were recognized.

Anyway, there was just one dance in Summer 1989: Lambada. In seaside resorts you could hear it every 3 minutes, day and night, in Italy and in every country. By the way that year I spent some days in Spain and even in Ibiza, where part of the clip was filmed, and it was exactly the same. Lambada here and there, day and night, Lambada for young and senior people, Lambada for Italians, Englishmen, Spanish, Germans. Just one dance: Lambada.

I am sure you all remember the lead singer’s voice. She was a Brazilian girl named Loalwa Braz, and she deserves our thought. She was not lucky, and in 2017 her body was found in ner burnt car in Rio, close to her home, as the end of a still unclear story.

Dança sol e mar, guardarei no olhar
O amor faz perder encontrar
Lambando estarei ao lembrar que este amor
Por um dia um istante foi rei
#Kaoma #Lambada

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