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Kissing goodbye

George Michael – Kissing a fool

“Kissing a fool” entered the charts in the final months of 1988. George Michael released it as the sixth single from the album “Faith”. Prior to this, he released “I want your sex“, “Faith“, “Father figure“, “One more try” and “Monkey“. The song is a jazz ballad, where George’s voice is accompanied by very few instruments. The video is essential too. George Michael once revealed that he recorded the song in just one shot, a cappella.

Maybe the song had a little smaller success comapred to the other hits, but it is an important song. It summarizes and describes the anxiety in George’s sentimental life. And it also carries an important title. In fact, this had to be the title of the entire album, but later the production renamed it to “Faith”.

The song climbed the charts during Christmas period in 1988. Today it seems obvious to link George Michael to the celebration of Christmas. He created the Christmas song that everybody loves, “Last Christmas”. Sadly, he left us at the end of Christmas day in 2016.
We also need to say that after this song, it took more than two years to hear George again with a new album. So, in some sense, this song is also George’s farewell to the 80s. The fantastic decade that made him great and unforgettable.

That’s why this song is the good way to remember George Michael in these days, one of the greatest artists of the 80s!

Strange that I was wrong enough
To think you'd love me too
I guess you were kissing a fool
You must have been kissing a fool
#GerogeMichael #KissingAFool

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