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Pet Shop Boys – It’s alright

Pet Shop Boys released “It’s alright” at the end of June 1989. It was the last single out of the album “Introspective”, and the album was released almost two years ago. “Introspective” had an enormous success thanks to hits like “Always on my mind“, “Domino dancing“, “Left to my own devices“. And it contained only six songs, including the Pet Shop Boys version of “I’m not scared“, that they wrote originally for Patsy Kensit and Eighth Wonder.

It’s alright is a peculiar song. It was the last song on the album and it lasted for more than 9 minutes! Maybe it’s the longest Pet Shop Boys hit! It mentions a series of social and political issues of that time, and at the end it repeats that it’all right, of course. Bu in the album version, Neil himself closes wondering if it really will be alright… and we share his concern.

So lyrics and video are definitely not superficial. But now we learnt to know Neil and Chris and we know that in all their production and all the years of their career there ha never been anything superficial!!!!

Forests falling at a desperate pace
The earth is dying, and desert taking its place
People under pressure on the brink of starvation
I hope it's gonna be alright
#ItsAlright #PetShopBoys

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