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The magic recipe

Belouis Some – Imagination

“Imagination” follows the golden rule to become a popstar in the 80s. An artist needed:

– a weird but good sounding name
– to appear almost unknown (wikipedia does not exist in 1985)
– a glamourous look
– a very glamourous video, even better if there is a x-rated version, even if nothing really happens, but it’s x-rated, so that all tvs can broadcast it and seem trasgressive
– most important… a fantastic song!!

The result? Here it is! Belouis Some created an iconic anthem of the 80s, without any doubt. Nobody could remain indifferent to this song. Everybody was caught in the atmosphere. In my opinion the videoclip is an absolute masterpiece. The video contained some nudity and was censored. Belouis Some said that this wasn’t meant to be an erotic song, but it is definitely suggestive – and I am totally with him!

The song described the encounter between a british man and “an extremely self-indulgent American woman”. The nudity scenes simply had to be there, but they did not aim to cause any controversy.

In any case, this song is a masterpiece. And Belouis Some suddenly became an icon of the 80s. And believe me, after more than 30 years, still nobody can resist this song!!

She lost her virtue before she could write
I lost mine too, on my very first night with you
You'll have to guide me, these impossible schemes
You make me steal unstealable things
#BelouisSome #Imagination

Belouis Some on Wikipedia

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