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Samantha Fox – I only wanna be with you

“I only wanna be with you” is one of the first hits released in 1989. It makes us immediately think of Samantha Fox, of course. Actually, the generation before us could say that they think of Dusty Springfield, in the mid 60’s. Yes, exactly the Dusty Springfield who sang with Pet Shop Boys in “What have I done to deserve this“.

So, a lot of artists covered this song. Sam Fox’s version features a somehow grungy video, and quite familiar sounds. Sam was promoting her third album, “I wanna have some fun”, therefore the video could not be too serious! It sounded familiar because the three scientists Stock Aitken and Waterman arranged it, …and it is clearly evident! From an arrangement perspective, this song could easily belong to, say, Kylie Minogue, for example.

Anyway, Auntie Sam found great success through Europe and also in the States. Her career continued on the top of the wave. Two years had passed since her album “Samantha Fox”, which featured the hit “Nothing’s gonna stop me now“. More than three years had already passed since the enormous success of “Touch me“.

But after all, Samantha is still on top of the world today after more than thirty years! Anyway, I think I still love her!!!

Look what has happened with just one kiss
I never knew that I could be in love like this
It's crazy but it's true, I only want to be with you
#SamanthaFox #IOnlyWannaBeWithYou

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