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Inner City – Good life

“Good life” is really a title full of luck and passion for life! Inner City are an American electronic dance group born almost randomly. The producer and leader of the group needed a vocalist. He spoke to a friend, who put him in contact with this girl, Paris Grey. And she had the perfect voice and the perfect attitude! The rest is actually history.

After their first success in Summer, “Big fun”, the producer worried, because he felt that he could hardly repeat that success.
But actually he went far beyond his own expectations! In fact, after few months he finds the greatest success of his life, with this song.

Let’s say it: this is a simple, yet irresistible song. A lot of musicians sampled it in the years to follow, for example. And finally after thirty years, it keeps on working! In fact, as soon as you hear it, you really cannot stand still, and you absolutely start to move!!!

I want you to want me
Want the good life all night
No more rainy days
The sun will chase the clouds away
#InnerCity #GoodLife

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