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“Electrica Salsa” gives us the chance to talk about one of the great DJs of the 80s and 90s. The great resident DJs of the main disco clubs in Europe surely saw their golden age during the 90s or the 00s, maybe when it became easier and cheaper for young people to fly abroad even for a single party night, but the first great DJ had a fantastic career in the 80s.

The name of Sven Väth might not be famous, but he was the first to create and host legendary parties, form his Frankfurt to Ibiza, with thousands of people on the streets beacuase the cloubs were already fully crowded. Besides being a talent on the mike and in organization (and in marketing, let me say), Sven was also a pioneer in technomusic, and created seral groups and projects.

The most famous is the project he launched in spring 1987, setting things ready for the incoming summer parties. The full name was Organization For Fun. Did you recognize him? Actually he loved to use just the acronym of the group… Off… Baba, babaaaaa….

I warn you about my secret
I'm going to expose
A great threat to your bodies
to your mind and souls
#Off #ElectricaSalsa

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