Call me - Spagna - - Will you be calling?

Will you be calling?

Spagna – Call me

“Call me” tells the story of a really incredible success. In fact it seemd incredible, or at least unlikely, that one year after “Easy lady” Spagna could find an even bigger success. “Easy lady” revealed to the world, in Summer 1986, the voice and the talent of this singer, and found worldwide success. But after one year Spagna skyrocketed even higher with another great summer hit!

Today we know that Spagna was and still is a phenomenal singer and writer. She succeeded in giving a personal touch to disco music, an extremely commercial kind of music. But quality never lies and nobody can hide it! Ans do, after more than 30 years, Spagna is still one of the most appreciated Italian singers!

Hey how long
I've been waitin' for a love so tender
Hey hey hey how long
can I stay without your touch I wonder
#Spagna #CallMe

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