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The train of success

Queen – Breakthru

In mid June 1989 Queen’s success and fame were really running like trains! Their latest album, “The Miracle”, in about six weeks had climbed all the charts, pulled by the incredible sales of “I want it all“. The Queen were really pop icons in England, in Europe, and in many other countries.

This hit is of course quite unconventional, and it actually merges two songs together! The 30 seconds at the beginning of the song belong to a Freddie Mercury’s song that was never released, called “A new life is born”, as he says in the verse. Then the real “Breakthru” begins, composed mostly by drummer Roger Taylor. And actually the rhythm is really beating like a steam train engine!

And so the Queen hired a real steam engine, an open platform car, built a wall in polystirene, and launched the train at full speed across the British countryside! And they had to sign an insurance too, because there was really some form of hazard! They were playing standing on an open platform, on a train running at full speed! They painted it brand new and put the sign “Miracle Express”, from the album title.

And what about the wonderful girl opening the video? Ok, not only this was a Roger Taylor’s song, but the model was also Roger Taylor’s girlfriend! Debbie Leng was quite a familiar actress in the UK because she had modeled in the Cadbury chocolate spots. S freddie Mercury proposed Taylor to involve her for the video too. It seems that Roger was not really enthusiastic about the idea at the beginning, but how can you say no to your girlfriend and Freddie Mercury together?? They will absolutely say you are against the project!!!

I'm under your thumb, under you're spell, can't you see,
If I could only reach you, if I could make you smile,
If I could only reach you
That would really be a breakthru - oh yeah.
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