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What did she want?

Duran Duran – All she wants is

“All she wants is” represents, from a sales perspective, the last Duran Duran’s great hit of the 80s- They released the album “Big Thing” two months earlier, with the single “I don’t want your love“. It had good success, maybe a little less compared to the usual standards of Duran Duran. Yet “Big Thing” definitely remains a fantastic album, more modern and more mature than the early ones, even than Notorious.

I think that after all this is the real magntude of Duran Duran. They have been able to crawl years and decades, from 1981 to today, always according to the tastes of the period. Surely they continuously evolved, they pioneered. They also made some unsuccessful attempt. But they always remained Duran Duran. Always faithful to their brand and cypher, even through farewells and reunions. And they never repudiated a single moment in their history. Never repudiated a single verse or chord in all their music.

In December 1988 they were promoting the album like crazy; in Italy, my country, they had seven shows. Three dates in Milan, I was there. The TV broadcasted one of the dates, and that made history for us. Fans’ affection was unbelievable. And they absolutely could not stop the tour to film videoclips! So they created masks replicating their faces, and put them on mannequins. After all the clip was filmed in a style that fitted this kind of art. Video effects, mechanic movements, everything fitted. If you look carefully, the guys appear just at the beginning of the video and towards the end. In all other scenes, there is the girl (the stunning model Marla Kay) and the mannequins – just look at their arms and hands.

Anyway, it was a success, and “All she wants is” entered the top ten. And it was the last Duran Duran hit to do it in the 80s. As I told you, Big Things included a lot of other fantastic songs. But a doubt was still standing there! All she wants is? Whatever it was, all she wants is more!

Divine intervention
couldn't keep the word from leaking out
With your pleasure in suspension
Not to mention what you hang it around
#DuranDuran #AllSheWantsIs

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